3Ceramic tile decoration construction tile types before construction

Ceramic tiles have various styles, rich patterns, and are easy to clean. They are available in almost every household. For such an important material for decoration, we must understand clearly so as not to be fooled when buying. Let's take a look at the tile decoration construction, and explain the types of tiles before tile construction.

Ceramic tiles are widely used in home decoration today, with various styles and materials, in all shapes and sizes. In the current decoration market, their quality is also uneven, and their prices are also different.

At present, the tiles that decorate shopping malls can be roughly divided into six types: ceramic mosaic tiles (mosaic tiles), glazed tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, whole body tiles, and vitrified tiles.

Ceramic mosaic tiles: Also known as mosaic tiles, they have various specifications, rich colors, strong decoration and wide range of uses. The texture is strong, thin and small, but it is strong in pressure resistance and not easy to break. In addition, it is also resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and impervious to water.

Glazed tile: The main body is divided into pottery body and porcelain body. It is made by adding glaze to the surface of the embryo body. Various patterns and patterns can be made on the surface. Its wear resistance is not as good as other tiles, but the colors and patterns are very rich. , usually used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Polished tiles: What is a polished tile? In short, it is a tile that has been polished and polished. Compared with other tiles, its appearance is much smoother, stronger and wear-resistant, but its anti-skid ability is not as good as other tiles. It is recommended not to cook Use of space.

Antique tiles: It is essentially glazed porcelain tiles, but it is different from glazed tiles, mainly in terms of color. To make an antique effect, you must control the color.

Whole body tile: This kind of tile has excellent anti-slip and wear resistance, so it is often called (anti-slip floor tile), and because its process is much less than other tiles, the price is more affordable for the owner.

Vitrified tile: This kind of tile is the hardest of all tiles, and the process requirements are also very high. The press must be able to suppress higher density, and the firing temperature must be high to achieve full porcelain. Vitrified tiles are more resistant to dirt and wear, and are often used in the living room. In fact, vitrified tiles are strengthened polished tiles.

The current ceramic tile market is mixed, and our general owners can't distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles very well. The editor still recommends that everyone buy big brand ceramic tiles. It may be a little more expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed. "Roadside stall tiles" It may be cheap, but the quality is not guaranteed, and it will be completely changed in a short time, and the cost of subsequent replacement may be able to buy a better set of tiles.